"Achieving Results – Changing Lives"


Equi-Bow Canada Inc.

Are you looking for a career that helps horses?

Are you a busy professional or student who would like to earn your certification while you work?

 If you are interested in:
  • Facilitating the peak performance of horses,
  • Releasing physical blocks that prevent effective riding,
  • Improving your connection and relationship to horses,
  • Experiencing the joy of helping others,
  • And learning the art of healing in a gentle non-invasive, safe, yet extremely powerful way….
Then you have come to the right place! 

Equi-Bow Canada Inc. is proud to offer an equine bodywork program that brings together bowen, Cranio Sacral and Feldenkrais based techniques as well as tack fitting, balanced hoof protocols and anatomy, to provide one of the most innovative and complete training courses available. We are dedicated to producing professional graduates with a high degree of understanding of the horse as well as the Equi-Bow techniques.

So what is Equi-Bow? Equi-Bow is a neuromuscular re-patterning technique that is non-medical and promotes self-healing. Long time equine practitioner and researcher Cheryl Gibson and her teaching partner Simone Usselman-Tod formed Equi-Bow Canada Inc. as a vehicle to teach an integrated equine body-balancing technique. Equi-Bow is now practiced across Canada as well as internationally.

Join the growing numbers of Equi-Bow students (lay people, trainers, professionals, veterinarians) who are learning this gentle, non-invasive, hands-on complementary equine modality. Equi-Bow Canada Inc. courses offer an opportunity to learn this holistic, hands-on techniques for horses that addresses structural, physiological, performance and behavioural issues in a student-friendly part-time format.

We strongly support our students and graduates by encouraging further study, research and networking in a supportive, open-minded and positive environment.

“Cheryl Gibson has greatly inspired me, both as a patient of mine and as a student of human bowen. It is truly a gift when a patient can experience and share their insights in the healing journey. Cheryl has the gift of perception so obvious in her work with animals and so perfect for the gift she is sharing with Equi-Bow Inc.”

Dr. Manon Bolliger, The Bowen College