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Equi-Bow Canada Inc. CoursesHind End Before and After

Instructors:  Cheryl Gibson, Simone Usselman-Tod & Linzi Sally.  Class sizes are small and all courses fill up quickly We recommend you register early to secure your place.

Equi-Bow  100 Series:   Equi-Bow Foundation Course: (3 days)

No prerequisite, open to all.
March 22, 23 & 24, 2019
OR September 27,28 & 29, 2019

Basic Protocols are covered for full body balancing.  This series is the prerequisite for all other Equi-Bow  levels. 3 days total.  Go to level 100 course information & registration

Equi-Bow 200 Series: Advanced Mid Section Protocols (3 days) 

Prerequisite: EB100 Series

EB201: April 13, 2019
EB202: April 14, 2019
EB203: May 24, 2019
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Equi-Bow 300 Series :Advanced Hind End Protocols (3 days)

Prerequisite: EB100 Series

EB301: May 25, 2019
EB302: May 26, 2019
EB303: June 21, 2019
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Equi-Bow 400 Series: Advanced Front Limb Protocols (3 days)

Prerequisite: EB100 Series

EB401: June 22, 2019
EB402: June 23, 2019
EB403: July 19, 2019

Go to level 400 course information & registration

Equi-Bow 500 Series: Advanced Head and Neck Protocols (3 days)

Prerequisite: EB100 -EB400 Series

EB501: July 20, 2019
EB502: July 21, 2019
EB503:  October 4, 2019

Go to level 500 course information & registration

Equi-Bow 600 Series (offered through Cedar Lane Farm)
Instructors: James Simpson and Cheryl Gibson

No prerequisites, open to all.

EB601: Balanced Hoof -Balanced Horse (1 day)  10-5pm. Dates:  October 2019. Open to all.
EB602: Rasping Your Way to Balance (1 day)10-5pm. Dates: October 2019. Limit of 8.
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Equi-Bow 700 Series (offered through Cedar Lane Farm)

EB701 Posture and Movement related to Saddle Fit (1 day) 10-5 pm. Date:  TBC

Instructor: Holly Barnett, REMT CSF (August Equine)

EB702 Improving Comfort, Balance and Performance (day) 10-2 pm Date: TBC
Registration is open to all.
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Equi-Bow 800 Series: Equi-Bow Practitioner Certification (CEBP)

EB801/802: Full Review and testing preparation: TBC
EB803: Testing for certification TBC
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Equi-Bow 1000 Series: Equine Anatomy

EB1001 Skeleton, Superficial muscles, Systems (2 days) 10-5pm. Dates: TBC.
Required for EB Certification

EB1002 Deep muscles and Body Systems (2 days) TBA, 10am – 5pm . Lectures and demonstrations. Recommended.

Registration for both levels is open to all.
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