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EB800 Series: Equi-Bow Practitioner Certification (CEBP)

Equi-Bow Practitioners Certification (CEBP)

Certification Review, Exams & Case Studies   Cost: $880 + HST

EB801 & EB802:  TBC 

Full review of all course material (EB100, EB200, EB300, EB400, EB500 series)

EB803: Testing – TBC 
Written Certification Exam
Individual Practical Certification Exam

Requirements: 6 case studies (6 new horses – 5 sessions each) using EB100 – EB500 series content.

EB800 Series: Practitioner Certification

Please note that more teaching/review days may be required at the discretion of the instructors depending upon the needs of the students.

All graduates must complete at least 16 hours of instruction or review of course content every two years to maintain their qualifications. Any repeat of EB100 – EB700 series days can be taken as CEU requirements.  Repeat days are half price.

Graduates in good standing are listed on this site.