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EB600 Series: Balanced Hoof = Balanced Horse

balanced hoof & rasping

EB601: Balanced Hoof = Balanced Horse Workshop (1 Day) 10am – 5 pm
EB602: Rasping Your Way to Balance Workshop (1 Day) 10am – 5 pm

Dates: October 5 & 6, 2019
Limited registration, book early!

Instructors:   James Simpson & Cheryl Gibson

EB601: Balanced Hoof = Balanced Horse Workshop

No prerequisites, open to all.

October 5, 2019 10 am – 5 pm
$325 + HST
This is a required course for Equi-Bow certification.

There is conflicting information and many new fads today related to hoof care. This workshop does not address the barefoot/shot discussion but instead will give you information that will help you to decide what is best for your horse.

If your horse’s FOUNDATION is not balanced, his skeleton and muscles cannot maintain balance no matter what bodywork is done. We introduce you to one of the most important factors for your horse’s success and well being; you’ll learn to recognize and understand how to achieve a balanced hoof in order to provide the optimal base for the musculo/skeletal structure of your horse, thereby achieving better joint function and support. this protocol has proven successful for all breeds and disciplines for over 25 years.

Equine body workers and therapists will learn how to use the balanced hoof protocol to assist in determining the horse’s primary area of concern in order to optimize the success of their chosen modality.

Lecture, video, slides and demonstration will address various aspects of what a balanced foot is and how to achieve it. This information will also assist veterinarians with X-ray diagnosis of such syndromes as navicular, laminitis and founder, by giving them a “norm” from which to assess the abnormal.


EB602: Rasping Your Way to Balance Workshop

Prerequisite: Balanced Hoof = Balanced Horse Workshop. Open to all

October 6, 2019 10 am – 5 pm
$350 + HST (includes selected tools to take home)
Hands on, limited to 8.

This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and expertise to do simple maintenance for your horse’s feet and to fine tune perfect balance related to the skeleton. Geared to the horse owner who wants optimal balance for his/her unshod horses, it is also useful for those with broodmares or horses on rest.  Hands on application of laminitis first aid.

One of our aims with this series is to establish a clear picture of what a balanced horse and balanced feet look like, and to provide you with a protocol for achieving that goal.

James Simpson (Farrier, international judge) and Cheryl Gibson (equine therapist) are passionate about these topics and have worked together for over 30 years researching and formulating a common-sense, successful approach that helps achieve a balanced foundation for the horse’s body and therefore optimizes skeletal and muscular balance, soundness and performance.

“Cheryl, I am still faithfully applying the balanced foot protocols and feel that I look at horses in an entirely different way since the clinic in May.”

Dr. Paula Pevato, PhD EBW (after completing the Balanced Foot workshop)

“My farrier comes to trim my horses hooves every 8 weeks so my horses hooves are always balanced….or so I thought.
The Balanced Hoof Workshop hosted at Cedar Lane Farm was a real eye opener and an amazing and valuable learning experience that I will never forget. Before I took the course, I believed that a balanced hoof was one that was trimmed by a farrier every 6-8 weeks – oh how wrong I was!

After taking the course I now look at hooves with new eyes. Do the hoof as an individual look balanced? How about as a pair of fronts, then the backs, then all 4 as a set? How are the toes, the break over point, the heels, the frogs? Where is the center of the hoof according to the body, NOT the visual hoof? Wow. And amazing day so packed with information and experts to answer our every question.

After the completion of the Balanced Hoof Workshop I decided that I wanted to – no – needed to come back the following day and learn how to “Rasp My Way To Balance”.  Before starting, I wasn’t even interested in the Rasping course as I have a wonderful farrier who I trust. It’s nice to know now that I have properly learned how to detect and file away flares, find the centre and measure for a balanced hoof and rasp to achieve that result.

I am forever thankful that Cheryl and James are such wonderful teachers willing to share over 20 years of research so a Healthy and Balanced Hoof can be achieved by all who are willing to seek it.”

Amelia Connolly CEBP

Note:  These courses do not quality participants to act as consultants for, or to do, hoof balancing as a profession. Rasping Your Way to Balance is NOT a farrier’s course, nor do we encourage or give permission to participants to work on other people’s horses. These courses do constitute part of the Equi-Bow Canada program and are offered through Cedar Lane Farm.