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EB700 Series: Saddle Fit

Holly Barnett

EB701: Posture and Movement related to Saddle Fit

No prerequisites. Open to all.

Date: Fall 2019
10am – 5pm

Instructor:  Holly Barnett, REMT CSF (August Equine)

Are you ready to take a closer look at what a horse’s posture may be telling you?

This eye-opening workshop will focus on the difference between neutral and negative postures as they relate to saddle fit. Designed with the Equi-Bow practitioner in mind but open to all, participants will leave with a more confident understanding of how the saddle influences a horse’s posture. Discussion of anatomy and practical application of new assessment skills will be offered at the end of the workshop for you to fine-tune your new tools! Powerpoint, video and lecture format.

 EB702:  Improving Comfort, Balance and Performance

Date: Fall 2019
10am – 2pm

Instructors:  Cheryl Gibson,  Linda Agnew & Beth Wyard-Moreno

Demonstrating temporary, interim resolution techniques to improve horse/rider comfort, fit and balance using specific padding for the saddle you have now. Learn how to improve your horse’s posture and muscle development to allow for custom saddle design.

These workshops are required courses for Equi-Bow Canada Inc. Practitioner certification.  There are no prerequisites.

If space permits, EB 701 and EB702 are also open to riders, coaches and trainers who are interested in learning more about saddle fit for the benefit of their own horse.

EB700 Series does not qualify students to act as consultants for or to do saddle fitting as a profession. The purpose of this series is to bring awareness to some of the factors that may affect Equi-Bow’s long term success and the overall well being of the horse.