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Development of Equi-Bow Technique

equibow canada classesIn March 2002, Cheryl was introduced to bowen therapy when she went for a treatment with Manon Bolliger (Bowen College in Vancouver). “I practically leapt off the table!” she said, “I immediately knew that this modality WORKED. Somehow work adapted from this modality needed to get to horses!

Cheryl had many years of research & experience in developing and fine-tuning different therapy modalities for horses from an intuitive perspective. She developed a widely varied  holistic healing practice incorporating equine, companion and exotic animal clientele. Some large animals were too difficult to work with safely and many modalities being taught were not as highly effective as Cheryl demanded.

Cheryl and her colleague Simone Usselman-Tod, working together with Jonathan Damonte  (a talented and experienced human bowen instructor) as well as other qualified professionals in the veterinary and therapy fields, started to develop an equine protocol. Although initiated by the human bowen techiques, Equi-Bow quickly evolved into a different type of holistic technique uniquely suited to horses. Due to the broadly based experiences of Cheryl and Simone, Equi-Bow encompasses other disciplines, philosophies &  methods such as  CranioSacral, Feldenkrais, acupuncture,  myofascial release massage, stress point and soft tissue release, tack fitting, balanced hoof, teeth & bitting, & behaviour modification among others. Ongoing research and development of varying and more advanced techniques continues.

“There are many venues worldwide where the bowen technique has been applied to the human and animal communities. Ongoing discussion and evolution of methodology is being pursued with other bowen workers in other countries. Bowen-based techniques are a very exciting world to explore!”  Cheryl Gibson