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Equi-Bow Client Feedback

Simone, thank you to you and everyone from Equi-Bow Canada! I could not believe the change in my horse during your demo. Thank you Cheryl for taping me. I mounted my horse pain free. That is a first! I still cannot believe the difference you made.

Sherry Lee Beaudry, Holly Oaks Open House

“Hi Cheryl. Here are some of the changes in the racing TB that we noticed:  1) A mare who traditionally faded in the stretch led from the gate and won by 8 lengths pulling away, posted faster times at each marker than normal for her (after 2 Equi-Bow sessions). 2) Vet arrived during one Equi-Bow session to inject fetlocks so we resumed Equi-Bow when they were finished. Horse had less reaction to the tranquilizer, did not require twitching during the procedure and required fewer days off after the injections. 3) Young horse starting into training had a persistent cough and was also prone to bucking and pitching when ridden. Stopped coughing after 2nd session and bucking was less, although not resolved…4) A young mare that was normally very nervous and agitated by the noise and commotion of the post parade ran well after only one Equi-Bow session and came 4th. Trainer said she gave a very determined effort and was much less distracted by the noise. 5) After only 1 or 2 Equi-Bow sessions, all seemed to recover more quickly after races.”

Linda Agnew – Equi-Bow Practitioner

“Equi-Bow therapy appears to be a positive complimentary therapy for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions (ie: osteoarthritis/hip dysplasia) in dogs and horses under both acute and chronic circumstances.”

K. H. Bentley DVM. R.Hom.

Hi Cheryl, Mack had his first full meal tonight. It was a pleasure to see him enjoying his food. He was happy to see me when I  came into the barn. What a change. I hope it stays that way. I am very happy. Thanks again for coming up.

Chris (with colicky horse)

“Russell, my 16 yr old Lakeland terrier, was stiff and very rigid in his legs. Most passersby wondered why he had such a funny walk. The bowen treatments have helped him to walk more ‘squarely’; his legs no longer cross over one another in the front and stand apart in the rear. Russell responded well to the treatments and to Cheryl, and seemed to know that she was helping him. While he is still an ‘old dog walking’, he is more sure on his feet and generally walks with his legs in the their correct position. I hope he can keep this flexibility and more relaxed way of walking since it must be so much more enjoyable for him.”

Janet T – after two bowen treatments

“My 7 year old Clyde cross, Sadie, responded very well to Equi-bow. She was holding a lot of tension in her back and rump, some vertebrae were out of line, her left hip was dropping, and she was not tracking up well anymore. By the end of her first session I could see results immediately! Her back was the straightest it has ever been and the tension in her rump melted away. She paid very close attention to every Equi-Bow move, but did not get annoyed or aggressive. By the end of the session she was extremely relaxed as if she was on sedatives. She was one happy girl.

Over the next couple of days I took it easy with her to let her brain process the Equi-Bow work. I just walked her around then slowly brought her up to a light jog and canter. I noticed she was tracking up again, her hip wasn’t dropping anymore and she extended better than ever. Her movement was fluid and she was not as heavy on the forehand. For four days post treatment I saw her back continue to get straighter and her legs extend further. Once I rode her again I felt her hips move evenly and she took to the bit without any fuss.

I will continue my Equi-Bow sessions as Sadie responds so well to them, better than all other modalities I’ve tried. I highly recommend Equi-Bow!”

Amy Patrick, Freelton, ON

“I have a totally different horse!! I never experienced her like yesterday, she was laid off for a few days until yesterday afternoon, and when I rode she could carry herself in balance, her walk/trot transitions were smooth with no throwing her head up or body forward – I was truly amazed!!! A new horse. Thank you!!”

Shauna and Harmonie

image of wallaby
“This little wallaby was hopping crooked. After one bowen treatment, which he seemed to enjoy, he was hopping along very straight. He also had severe digestive problems and was being fostered with an experienced zoologist in order to keep him alive if possible. We don’t know for sure if the bowen treatments helped with this problem but he did recover against heavy odds and went on to a new zoo home.”

Cheryl Gibson, Puslinch ON

“Our large pony mare came down with acute laminitis and after intensive nursing care, in conjunction with our Veterinarian who I can’t say enough good things about, basically needed to grow two new feet. I attended a bowen clinic and decided that she could benefit from it. She went from standing like a classic laminitis case to scratching her ear with her back foot the next day and devouring her feed. It was truly remarkable. I also know of five people who have have bowen treatments, one of them being my husband, with very positive results.”

Shelley James, A.H.T.

“Quinto and I went out yesterday – what a difference!!!!! He was almost sound!!! We had a great time – even trotting – he let me know when he had enough – I was MOST impressed!!!!”

Cindy Hunt

“Dear Cheryl…Skip and I are doing great. The addition of the pads have really helped him move his shoulders. I’ve ridden three times since the change and have noticed a difference in his gaits. We did some barrels the other day and I was amazed at how well he scooted around them.”


“It is incredible how good my horse looks! Her conformation has totally changed and she is doing work at 18 that she couldn’t do at 10! The lymphangitis in my horse’s leg is down by half since your last visit!”

A. Dean

sonny before equi bow
“A serious accident in mid winter 2005 resulted in my Palomino Quarter Horse Sonny having a broken pelvis in two places and a torn cruciate ligament. This horse should not have lived through his injury and euthanasia had been recommended. After nearly 5 months of stall rest, Sonny’s progress had leveled off. He presented with severe pelvis asymmetry and was non weight bearing lame on his left hind; he could barely hobble from one side of his stall to another.
He was being regularly medicated for pain (banamine, bute, and anafin). A friend, who was having her cows treated, highly recommended bowen therapy so I decided to give it a try. sonny after equi bow
Although somewhat skeptical at first, there is now little doubt in my mind that bowen therapy has given Sonny a quality of life that nothing else could have done.

Between his own determination and the benefits of the bowen, his quality of life is now very good. He rarely requires pain medication and is ready for the next level in his recovery. He will finally be turned out once again with his herd after nearly two and a half years of separation. He continues to show incredible improvement in his conformation, mobility and gait.

I would highly recommend bowen therapy for any horse involved in harness racing. I have two standardbreds that were either aggressive or very agitated while having the girth tightened. I found this improved after two bowen therapy treatments. I also noticed an improvement in gait with my pacer. She became more fluid and relaxed after a bowen treatment”

Maureen McHarg

“My 18 year old Clydesdale mare Lucky was in foal and in Feb we noticed her becoming very lame in the back. She was checked by a chiropractor, 2 vets, 2 farriers and it was suggested age was a factor and that after she foaled she probably would be fine. In fact 2 weeks after the foal was born she started getting worse. She walked “hot footed” lifting her back feet quickly with no extension. When she moved she looked like she was propelled herself from the front. Her hocks were spread wide and most of her weight was being carried on the front end; she stood completely tucked up and her rib cage was very visible. Her head and neck were dropped to the ground and her breathing was affected. She was unable to neigh and could only give soft whinnies. Finally our regular farrier confirmed laminitis in both back feet. We had x rays done and the vets suggested euthanasia. The horse and I weren’t ready for that. Simone Usselman-Tod approached me after hearing of the diagnosis and suggested we try a new technique. The results were amazing. Within an hour the mare had relaxed her belly, her ribs were no longer visible and she no longer looked malnourished. Her whole stance changed – her head and neck were held high and proud, her hocks returned to a normal distance apart and she appeared to be standing squarely on all four feet. Her movement no longer looked hindered; there was more extension in her movement, especially in the back – free and deliberate instead of her previous shuffling type propulsion.  Most dramatic was the change in her demeanor. She appeared to be in total relief of pain and discomfort. I called to her out in the paddock “Lucky, how you are doing now?” She lifted her head, stood strong and proud as Clyde’s do and answered me with a resounding, loud neigh which told me things were again alright with her world.”

Lori Haines, Troy ON

“My horse is 25 years old and his body is showing the wear and tear of the years. An earlier problem with the trimming of his hooves had caused uneven stress on one side of his body. This was exacerbated by my one-sidedness when I ride. Corective shoeing and cranio sacral treatments improved this dramatically but over time he wasn’t moving as easily as before. After several Bowen treatments I noticed that he had more energy and it was hard to keep him at a walk when I went out for a hack. In the paddock he capers about with his tail in the air. I’d rather have a 25 year old horse that has the energy of a youngster than the other way around!”

Deborah Pal, Toronto ON