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About the Equi-Bow Technique

equibow technique workshop

Equi-Bow consists of a unique blend of bowen, Cranio Sacral and Feldenkrais based techniques. The technique functions as a form of neuromuscular re-patterning, working primarily by addressing the nervous system on both structural and energetic levels to bring about change.

How does it work?

Equi-Bow may well be one of the single most important tools we have to facilitate healing of the whole body. Held patterns of pain and physiological dysfunctions are removed by restoring the structural integrity of the body. Equi-Bow incorporates a specific series of muscle and connective tissue movements designed to address a wide range of problems and injuries. Although very gentle and non-invasive, Equi-Bow is incredibly effective.

Every system of the body, internal organ systems as well as the musculoskeletal systems, is addressed through the fascia and nervous system by these gentle, powerful moves. Neurological impulses are sent to the brain, which is then given time to integrate the information. The nervous system is then able to reset the body for optimal benefit.

Respecting this feedback loop is essential to allow the body to restore its own natural balance. Benefits are usually apparent within two to three sesssions, even when long-standing conditions are being accessed. Equi-Bow results are long lasting and profound.

What should I expect to see during an equine session?

The Equi-Bow technique is taught as a light touch technique performed using fingers, thumbs or the hand, which disturbs the superficial fascia and underlying structures. After a series of moves are made, the practitioner moves away from the horse for a “pause” of a varying length of time. This pause allows the horse’s body to absorb the message sent by the moves and allows the practitioner to observe the horse and determine if further action is required.

Hands-on work usually lasts between 45 and 60 minutes per session. Horses often appear deeply relaxed and at ease during and after a session. One can usually feel increasing warmth and a change in tissue tension.

What happens after a session?

The horse’s nervous system and body will continue to integrate the message over the following five days to a week. Keep in mind that the touch is a subtle, gentle reminder to the body to relax, through messages to the brain. Messages from other types of bodywork can “erase” the message.This is similar to the writing on a blackboard, which can be wiped away with a chalkboard eraser. For this reason, it is optimal to plan Equi-Bow sessions around all other kinds of bodywork, farrier or dental work, as this may interfere with the subtle nerve impulses that are reprogramming the body. Equi-Bow practitioners are trained to work with other professionals to optimize results for the horse.

What sort of conditions may be addressed with Equi-Bow?

When restrictions and mis-alignments of the fascia and tissue are released, performance is optimized. In the equine field, Equi-Bow has been seen to affects many issues.

Equi-Bow transforms the lives of horses and their people!