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Equi-Bow Professional Practitioner’s Program

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Equi-Bow Professional Practitioner’s Program

Classroom “In Person” course:  2013 Date TBD

Distance Course:  2013 Date TBD

Prerequisite:  None

This certificate program (Units 1-5) is intended for mature, dedicated, focused individuals interested in integrating the components of equine behaviour and management, anatomy and physiology, balanced hoof and tack fitting, with a protocol developed from years of experience with a variety of modalities which include Cranio Sacral work, bowen, Feldenkrais, massage and more.

During this program you will learn a system that will enable you to address many issues. You will learn procedures for a horse that

  • balance the body overall
  • address specific areas of the body
  • can be used where conditions don’t respond readily to the basic procedures

As well as learning the very gentle Equi-Bow techniques, additional training covers equine management, professional development and student assessment. Unit 5 is a thorough hands-on assessment of every procedure that was taught in the previous four units, as well as written and practical testing.

Units 6 and 7 cover more procedures and techniques as well as further study into Cranio Sacral work. These units are available to students after completion of Unit 4.

A certificate of proficiency is given by Equi-Bow Canada, which shows that the course content has been successfully completed.

Equi-Bow Canada’s Practitioners Program is world class. Our thorough training, attention to detail, quality of education and student support ensures the highest quality of equine practitioner training.

The equine content is offered in a series of units, each one or two days in length, designed to provide the necessary skills in an intensive, precise format.

Students will be expected to practice their new skills between units of study in order to perfect their technique and to develop a deeper understanding of the sensitivity and “art” of Equi-Bow, which comes through supervised hands-on work done over time. Development of case histories is an important part of the work between units.

The last day of each unit (mandatory for certification) is held approximately one month after each unit. Unit schedules are designed ensure students have an opportunity to:

  • perfect techniques
  • work with and assess different horses
  • review and advance assessment techniques
  • perfect record-keeping and case history forms
  • share ideas
  • receive individual instructor follow-up, including additional related content to enhance student work with horses (students say this follow up is invaluable, enabling them to gain a whole new level of expertise and greatly boosting their confidence level)

Please note that more workshop days may be required at the discretion of the instructors, depending on the needs of the students.

Workshops dealing with balanced feet and tack fitting with some related anatomy will be scheduled approximately once a year and must be attended before certificates are presented.

Depending on the equine background and experience of the students, additional management courses may be required. It is recommended that a business course be taken by all students. Completion of recognized equine anatomy and physiology courses are required before an Equi-Bow Canada Practitioner’s certificate will be issued.

The techniques presented in this program are designed to compliment the healing  process and are not intended to replace conventional medical or veterinary healthcare. No one associated with these programs provides medical diagnosis, prescribes medications, or performs surgery. Seek licensed veterinary care when indicated.