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Cheryl Gibson

cheryl gibson equibow trainerCheryl¬† Gibson’s equine experiences and interests are varied – a by-product from acquiring an extensive scope of experience in training and showing horses in many different disciplines, as well as being part of the 4th-generation in her family of horse breeders and trainers.

A past member of the International Alliance of Healthcare Practitioners, Cheryl has been involved with natural approaches to body work and equine behaviour for over forty years. She has practiced and taught equine Feldenkrais, and has developed and practiced myofascial release and Cranio Sacral techniques for horses and companion animals. Cheryl studied with the Upledger Institute in Florida for Human Cranio Sacral therapy and has accepted humans into her practice since 1996.

Her interest in the physical and mental well-being of horses combined with a holistic approach to problem-solving has led to extensive research, development, continuing education and teaching in various therapy modalities including:

  • cheryl gibson bowen therapy for horsesacupuncture, acupressure and acu-ssage
  • structural anatomy and sports therapy
  • movement analysis
  • anatomical kinesiology
  • proper foot balancing
  • Touch for Health
  • Bowen Therapy (human and animal)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • energy medicine
  • homeopathics & herbal remedies
  • flower essence therapy
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • magnetic therapy
  • Quantum Touch
  • balanced riding techniques
  • tack fitting and saddle design (at one point producing the Supremo Custom saddle and now working with Christian Lowe Leatherworks)

Close consultation with holistic veterinarians/doctors in tandem with this body of work, provided the foundation of Cedar Lane Farms’ Equine Sports Therapy and educational programs now offered through Cedar Lane Farm or Equi-Bow Canada.

Cheryl and her colleague Simone Usselman-Tod, working together with Jonathan Damonte, a talented and experienced human bowen instructor as well as other qualified professionals in the veterinary and therapy fields, developed an equine protocol that became Equi-Bow Canada’s core content along with CranioSacral and Feldenkrais techniques. Ongoing research and development of varying and more advanced techniques continues.

“It has become evident over the many years spanning my practice, that less than ideal equine performance, chronically or “mysteriously lame” horses and horses exhibiting various behavioural problems, need an approach that considers all of the techniques listed above. These have proven to be valuable tools that have helped to solve behaviour, movement and performance problems in horses. Dressage horses, jumpers, hunters, western and trail horses, combined driving horses, Standardbred and Thoroughbred race horses, have all shown dramatic improvement. Adapting bowen-based techniques to horses has been a valuable addition to my practice – I am wildly excited about the results that have occurred. One recent example has been dramatic healing occurring in a horse with severe and chronic West Nile Virus symptoms. The Equi-Bow technique is a very effective¬† modality.”

Cheryl Gibson