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Simone Usselman-Tod

simone usselman-tod bowen for horsesSimone’s background includes working in the traditional medical field as a Medical Radiation (X-Ray) technologist for 25 years with Hamilton Health Sciences. Her extensive experience in working with families and patients faced with a variety of health concerns, has uniquely equipped Simone to deal with difficult issues and stressful situations. Her work in addressing staff and patient care issues through the “Hand in Hand” program was recognized with an award in 1996.

Pursing the goal of expanding her choice of modalities in treating her clients, Simone graduated in 2008 as a Registered massage Therapist from the Advanced Standing Therapeutic Massage course at the Canadian Therapeutic college.

She is also certified in the Bowen Therapeutic Technique with Bowenwork Canada Registry, and finds that this gentle, effective technique is extremely beneficial in her work with humans, contrasting with the often-times invasive practices in the traditional medical field.

equibow therapy simone usselman todShe draws on her experience and these principles in her day-to-day work in her business, which incorporates massage, soft tissue release, Bowen and Cranio Sacral therapies for both human and equine clients.  Her varied background of experience in the horse world includes equine massage, addressing equine behavioural issues, training and breeding horses, providing riding instruction for students and running a small boarding facility, as well as two years representing The Bitless Bridle, Inc. as an Associate Clinician for Central Canada. Simone’s clientele today includes people and horses, as well as the occasional dog, cat and even a cow. Seeing the profound changes in her clients creates enthusiasm and focus in her work.

“I have found a job that I love even more than the job I have loved doing for the past 25 years. Pain relief, comfort, and freedom of movement are the greatest gifts a therapist can offer. It’s a win-win situation for all.”

Simone Usselman-Tod

Asked to help develop a course for horses based on bowen, Simone and her teaching partner Cheryl Gibson went beyond expectations and launched Equi-Bow Canada, and the CEBP certification program. This unique neuromuscular repatterning discipline draws on a variety of complementary philosophies – not simply “bowen”. Involved with horses since the tender age of three, Simone has found working with this technique extremely rewarding in addressing physical and behavioural problems in horses.

“Starting Equi-Bow Canada was a natural step for us to take…There are so many horses in need of this work and we’re thrilled to be able to train people in this modality. We just can’t get to all the horses we’d like to reach. To be able to offer pain relief and to optimize the quality of life for an individual, either human or animal, is extremely rewarding. to watch an animal’s terribly crooked pelvis straighten, or to see an individual walk into the room struggling with their pain, and then after treatment to see them look, feel and behave in a much more relaxed manner, reinforces the profound effects of body balancing such as the Equi-Bow technique.”

Simone Usselman-Tod


Visit Simone’s website at: www.simoneusselmantodmassage.com.