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James Simpson

james simpsonJames Simpson is a well respected farrier and consultant with over 30 years of experience. His search for perfection in the performance of horses has been ongoing and he has successfully shod many champions to improve posture, balance and movement.

James began showing and training horses at a young age. As he gained more experience and began training, showing and breeding horses professionally, he saw the need to improve the quality of the horse’s movement to optimize performance. This led to a career as a farrier and in 1979 he graduated from Oklahoma Farrier’s College, apprenticing  with Joe Carter.

In 1992, James was privileged to study with Dr. Janet Eley and subsequently with Dr. Robert Eustace, both of the United Kingdom. Dr. Eley is a colleague of Dr. Eustace, who established the Laminitis Clinic, University of Bristol, and who has researched exclusively in the field of laminitis for over twenty years. Dr. Eustace is author of the book “Explaining Laminitis and its Prevention”, and remains a valued resource.

For many years now, James has been refining and applying P.B.M. (Proper Balanced Movement), a technique developed by Tony Gonzales of California. PBM uses mathematical measurements and calculations to create a better balanced foot.

“This method has made improvements in performance and soundness, and  aids in the reduction of  breakdowns. The system is structured to fit every individual horse.” James Simpson

A clue to James’ success is his retention of a full compliment of lifelong clients and his value as a consultant in the process of rehabilitation of horses. He has worked with many veterinarians requesting heel and breakover expertise.

For the horse that has been chronically lame or is uneven in movement, therapy techniques and movement evaluation are a necessary part of the solution. James is the farrier, instructor and consultant for Equi-Bow Canada and Cedar Lane Farm Equine Sports Therapy.

James is past president of the Ontario Quarter Horse Association and continues to be very involved in promoting the welfare of horses.